One- Every Mind Kounts, - 2-
Evil Monkey Kreations, - 3-
Empty Music Kollector, - 4- Every Moment Kaptured Five- Energetic Music Komposer, - 6- EMK310

6th August 2010


She Dreams…

She Dreams…What is it that she dreams? Why is it that she dreams? What do her dreams consist of? She Dreams!! She dreams of life, & everything in it. She dreams to keep her faded memories close. She dreams of places she rather be the most. She dreams of friends with perfect lives, not her friends that tell her lies. She dreams of days that never end. She dreams of walking late at night, hand & hand, watching the sight. A breath of air & the morning light, a man that’s there to hold her tight. She dreams her dreams, of futures near, She dreams her dreams that have no fear. She Dreams… Yeah, She Dreams, but that’s all she does!!

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