One- Every Mind Kounts, - 2-
Evil Monkey Kreations, - 3-
Empty Music Kollector, - 4- Every Moment Kaptured Five- Energetic Music Komposer, - 6- EMK310

1st March 2011



As I sit still I let the tears drop from my eyes! They fall from my face like liquid lies. My eyes are as red as the blood that fills them! My lips are as dry as the desert under the summer sun. My pain comes from the hurt within & causes my tears to run. I close my eyes & hope the world wasn’t real, where’s the devil cause i’m willing to make a deal! I’m hurting every single day, if god was real why does he let me suffer? I’m not the type to give up, even when my strength is all gone, & my muscles grow weak. They said my silence was golden, so I just wont speak!